North Shore Fencers Club coaches

Head Coach and Club Owner

Over 45 years coaching experience
One of National Team coaches who trained many winners of National, European, and International championships
Coached at Olympic Sports Reserve School of Belarus, Russia training national team champions
Coached épée students who took tournament championships in Long Island High Schools
Many Foil Fencers PSAL Tournament Champions from 1996-2013
Master's Degree in Physical Education from Belarus, Russia State University
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Épée & Foil

Over 30 years coaching experience
Developed world class fencers including winners of World Cups Category “A”, World and European Championships
Trained Estonia champions in both épée and foil
Received the highest coach's education in sports and physical training in Academy of St. Petersburg, Russia
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NCAA champion in 2010 and 2011
Ranked 3rd in the world in Juniors in 2004
Several time Israel national champion and member of Israeli national team
Certified coach by The Wingate Institute, Israels National Centre for Physical Education and Sport,
Graduate of St. John's University
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Épée & Foil

Fencing coach with over 30 years of competitive fencing and coaching experience
Master's Degree in Physical Education and Fencing Coaching degree
Member of USSR Cadet and Junior National Teams and Kazakhstan National Team
Silver medal in the 1995 Asian Fencing Championships in Seoul, Korea
10th place in 1991 World Cup
5 times Kazakhstan National Champion
Gold medal of Soviet Union Junior and Cadet Championship
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